Conduct and Discipline

  1. Students are accountable for their behaviour, both in and outside the college. Students are prohibited from visiting any other college without the written permission of the Principal. They shall do nothing that will interfere with its orderly administration or affect its public image.
  2. Classes will be held from 8.02 a.m. onward.
  3. Smoking cigarettes and consumption of Gutkha are strictly prohibited in the college premises and is a punishable offence.
  4. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing or using a mobile phone in the college premises. A student found with mobile has to pay Rs.500/- as fine.
  5. After admission, each student will be given an identity card. Students without identity cards will not be allowed to enter the college premises or the college library.  Surprise checking of the identity cards will be held occasionally.
  6. Students must maintain strict silence in the classroom, the library, the reading room and in the corridors, especially when lectures are going on in adjoining classrooms.
  7. Students must not loiter in the corridors when classes are going    When they are free, they should go to the reading room, library or students’ common room.
  8. Students must not attend any class other than their own without prior permission of the professor concerned.
  9. Every student must be dressed modestly and neatly. Sleeveless short tops, Short Skirts, Low hip jeans and obscene / objectionable slogans on the T-Shirt will not be allowed to be worn in the college premises.
  10. Students are expected not to cause any damage to college property and are expected to take proper care of it. It should be a matter of pride and self-respect for them to keep their college neat and clean.  Students must not write on black boards, walls, tables or benches.  Any wilful damage to the college property will be dealt with as a breach of discipline.
  11. No college organisation can be formed without the written permission of the Principal and no function can be arranged without the consent of the Principal.
  12. No person shall be invited to address a college meeting or a society or to occupy the chair at any college function without the prior permission of the Principal.
  13. Students are not allowed to invite any outsider to the college or to the college canteen.
  14. No student should, without the permission of the Principal, write to the press or communicate any information to it about matters relating to college administration.
  15. Student must not directly or indirectly be involved in any act which in the opinion of the Principal is or may be detrimental to the interests and the general discipline of the college.
  16. If a student remains absent without prior permission for a long time, his/her name is liable to be removed from the college register books without intimation.
  17. No student should go to private tuition’s to any teacher of the college.
  18. It is the responsibility of every student to read the notices displayed by the college time to time. No concession will be given on the ground of ignorance due to their failure to read the notice.
  19. Ragging is considered as a punishable offence. Any student found involved in ragging will be expelled from the college and legal action will be taken as well.

Note: Failure to observe these rules will make students liable for disciplinary action


Mobile Phone

Use of Mobile phones and i-pod are strictly prohibited in the classroom and the college premises,

If found the same will be confiscated.