Attendance Rules

  1. According to University Circular No. UG/502 OF 1999 and ordinance 119 and 120 of the University for granting the terms in each subject, the minimum attendance of 75% of the theory, lectures, practicals and tutorials (wherever prescribed) separately will be required out of the total number of lectures, practical & tutorials in each subject conducted in the term. Therefore, if the student fails to achieve the required attendance his/ her examinations form will not be accepted /or forwarded to the university / Annual Examination.
  2. Ordinance 125: To keep a Term at a college, an undergraduate must complete to the satisfaction of the Principal, the course of study at the college prescribed for such terms for the class to which such undergraduate then belongs.

The students should note that:

  • They will be allowed to appear/ fill up the College / Board / University/ Annual Examination form provided.
  1. Acquired minimum 75% Attendance in Lectures/ Practical / Tutorials in first term.
  2. Appeared and shown consistence performance in the First Term Examination.
  • The Hall – Ticket will be issued to them provided:
  1. Acquired minimum 75% Attendance in Lectures/ Practical/ Tutorials in both first and second terms together.
  2. Appeared and shown improved performance in the Preliminary Examination.

3. Working students should not seek admission in the College instead they shall opt for Correspondence Course offered by the University. Their applications will not be entertained for the purpose of concession in attendance.